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      Baoji Rongyuan Titanium Development Co., Ltd Located in China Titanium Valley (Eastern), covered 24000sqm, which is invested by Shaanxi Rongyuan Industrial Development Co., Ltd.

      Mainly engaged in manufacture and sale of titanium and titanium alloys products, have already invested 58 million RMB to titanium calendaring lines, annually capacity can be reached to 3000 tons, such as titanium billet, slab, ring, disc., bar, and other forged and rolling fabrication.

      To tracking the whole process of product quality, Rongyuan also has completed titanium inspection center, committed to providing titanium products to better meet customer needs.

      By virtue of the regional advantage of “China Titanium Valley”, Rongyuan is endowed with unique rich resources, scientific research and convenient transportation. Following industrial sectors are served on running projects: aeronautics and astronautics, navigation, petroleum chemistry, geothermal engineer, medical technology, architecture and sports etc.
      Dedicated to supplying the high quality titanium products and perfect service system, we have the capability of meeting you from various requirements.

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